My mom and I share one particular passion: Jewelry ... not the kind that are very expensive but the kind that you can wear every day, as well as on special occasions.

We take pride in our collection of fashion jewelry as our way of expressing how we feel. It’s really fun as we get to mix match our jewelry with what we are wearing. Family and friends usually take note of how we accessorize and it has gotten to a point wherein they would ask us where we buy them.

So we explored the idea of sharing our finds ... and here we are! :) We are delighted to inform you that the jewelry items you find on Gigi Katerina (GK) were personally selected by us. We source our collection from quality worldwide designers and suppliers to give you the best finds, not just in terms of quality and design, but most importantly in price. Hence our philosophy of:

“Quality jewelry at non-designer prices”

We whole-heartedly would like to welcome you to the GK Life. My mom and I truly appreciate your business.

We hope that you find your experience on our site to be fun and fulfilling as we really put a lot of time and effort in making your shopping experience on our site an enjoyable one.

Much Love,

Kate and the GK Team

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