6 Easy Yet Vital Tips To Consider When Wearing Fashion Jewelry

6 Easy Yet Vital Tips To Consider When Wearing Fashion Jewelry

It can make or break your outfit. That’s exactly what a piece of jewelry can do to your well thought of outfit.

With so many pieces of fabulous fashion jewelry to choose from, it’s very easy to just get hold of anything that fancies you. It’s just astounding to see a huge variety of fashion jewelry available everywhere.

The colorful gemstones, the unique endearing pieces, and even the striking resemblance to fine jewelry just makes every woman want to get hold of such bling. Fashion jewelry is, no doubt, a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

There isn’t a woman out there who doesn’t own a piece of fashion jewelry. After all, wearing a piece of jewelry is like wearing make up. You need to wear it all the time.

However, you need to know how to wear it. Just like wearing makeup, you need to know how to wear fashion jewelry. You can’t put on a piece of fashion jewelry just like that.

In the same manner that you need to consider certain things when wearing makeup, you also need to do the same thing when wearing fashion jewelry.

So the next time you put on a fashionable piece of fashion jewelry, consider these six easy but crucial things first.

1. Wear Earrings To Complement Your Outfit

If you’re like most women, you wear earrings every single day. Wearing a pair of earrings is like combing your hair every single day. It’s a must to put on a pair of earrings. It’s part of dressing up.

According to harpersbazaar.com, it doesn’t really matter if you prefer to wear dangling earrings or classic studs. The fact is, the kind of earrings you wear has a huge effect on the outfit you have on.

So don’t consider wearing earrings as a small component of your outfit. Anyone who has a face-to-face encounter with you will surely notice your earrings so make sure they match your outfit.

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2. Wear One Fashion Jewelry At A Time

Seeing a huge variety of fashion jewelry is enough to excite you. You just want to pick every single piece and own it. Since it’s very affordable to own a huge variety of fashion jewelry, you jump at every opportunity to grab an awesome looking piece of fashion jewelry.

It’s okay to do that. Actually, go right ahead and do just that. The truth of the matter is that you can never really own too many pieces of fashion jewelry.
While you can never own too many pieces of fashion jewelry, you can end up wearing too much of it. So be very careful.
The fashionistas at lifetimetv.co.uk recommend that you wear one piece of fashion jewelry at the time. Don’t pile them all up, showcasing every single piece of your fashion jewelry collection all at the same time.
You’re just going to confuse your style and totally break your outfit. That is also a sure way to downgrade your collection of fashion jewelry. So do your best to wear each piece mindfully.

3. Layer Your Jewelry, Don't Pile Them Up

This is the tricky part. Mindfully wearing your pieces of fashion jewelry doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t layer them up.

By all means, go right ahead and layer your fashion jewelry. So if you want to wear a ring on each finger, go right ahead and do just that. If you want to layer up your necklaces, go ahead.

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There’s also nothing wrong with wearing more than one bracelet at a time. What you should seriously consider is the fact that you shouldn’t be wearing any more than just the pile of necklaces or bracelets you already have on.

You should never attempt to layer up on necklaces and bracelets at the same time. That’s not a mindful way of wearing jewelry. You are just going to make every piece of your fashion jewelry look tacky. Don’t do that.
The fine folks at lifetimetv.co.uk also suggest to avoid wearing fashion jewelry that match. So instead of matching them around, play around with them instead but be very careful in doing so.

4. Choose Fashion Jewelry That Is Beautiful And Versatile

Fashion jewelry gives your outfit a certain kind of character. It creates a focal point that draws attention.

The corporatefashionista.com emphasizes the need to choose fashion jewelry that’s not just beautiful but versatile. This means that you should be able to wear your pieces of fashion jewelry with more than just one outfit.

5. Match Your Fashion Jewelry With Your Personality

Do you feel good in it? That is the most crucial thing to consider when wearing fashion jewelry. According to collegefashion.net, what matters is how you feel about a certain piece of jewelry.

If you feel great about wearing it, go right ahead. Don’t let anyone stop you from wearing it. Create your own style and match your fashion jewelry with your personality.

The next time you put on your set of earrings or layer up your necklaces, don’t forget these five but crucial tips in wearing fashion jewelry. You’re definitely going to level up your style with these simple but crucial things in mind.

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6. Stay Away From Pieces Of Fashion Jewelry That Are Cheesy

With a wide variety of fashion jewelry available these days, you are bound to come across some pieces that are outright cheesy. You should always stay away from them.
Charles Manning at cosmopolitan.com says that fashion jewelry that has something written on it is downright cheesy. For example, a charm pendant that has “best friends” written on it is cute for tweeners but not for fashionistas like you. So don’t even think of wearing something like that.
The said website, recommends that you choose fashion jewelry that is beautiful and not cute. There’s only one word that can describe a piece of cute fashion jewelry that you put on at your age. That word is cheesy.

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