5 Famous Women Who Wear Fashion Jewelry

5 Famous Women Who Wear Fashion Jewelry

Photo courtesy of Getty Images via Cosmopolitan.com

Call it any way you want. Fashion jewelry. Costume jewelry. Statement jewelry. Whatever way you call it, this certain kind of jewelry is here to stay.

1. Olivia Palermo

Fashion jewelry is totally awesome. It sets you apart and you can easily make a statement with it. That’s probably the reason why fabulous and stylish women like socialite Olivia Palermo can’t get enough of it.

Take a look at her fantabulous photo below. She wears statement necklace and she looks totally amazing in it.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images via Huffington Post

Always picture perfect, Olivia mixes her statement necklace with a pair of classic stud earrings. This is one of the reasons why statement jewelry is here to stay. You can easily mix it up with fine jewelry and no one would really care. 

It really is just a matter of finding the right combination. Most often than not, statement jewelry catches so much attention that it overshadows an elegant piece of fine jewelry. That’s okay because that’s precisely the reason why women love statement jewelry.

Statement Jewelry On The Red Carpet

Beauty. Glamour. Glitz. You see all that on the red carpet. The superstars on the red carpet are a vision of sheer perfection. 

It takes a lot of work to look the way they do. That’s precisely why they’re called superstars. They have an entourage of stylists that never leave their side. From make up artists to fashion stylists, they have it all. Thanks to a list of fashion experts, these superstars bask in beauty, glamour, and glitz.

So you just can’t help but admire these superstars. You’re in awe each time you see them on the red carpet. You want to get that same look but you’re thinking it’s just too impossible. Well, you’re wrong.

With more and more superstars donning fashion jewelry, it’s now very possible for you to get that same look you see on the red carpet. Thanks to fashion jewelry, you can now look like a superstar without breaking the bank.

Take a close look at these superstars who graced the red carpet in fashion jewelry.

2. Megan Fox

A familiar face on the red carpet is Megan Fox. Who hasn’t heard of her? Her pretty face is just unforgettable. She’s talented and beautiful.

Megan Fox totally nails it in the phto below where she dons a statement necklace that totally levels up her classic black evening dress.  She shines on the red carpet with such elegance and class. Thanks to her statement jewelry, she stands out with panache.

Photo courtesy of FabFashionFix.com

3. Sophia Vergara

Who isn’t a fan of the sitcom, Modern Family?  If you enjoy watching this particular sitcom, then you’re definitely a fan of Sophia Vergara. Well, who isn’t a fan of Sophia Vergara? She’s sultry, fashionable, and hilarious. 

Photo courtesy of Getty Images via Cosmopolitan.com

Sophia Vergara looks totally stunning in the photo above where she’s seen wearing a pair of chandelier earrings. She matches her eye catching chandelier earrings with an off-the-shoulder dress. Her neckline is totally bare because the focus is on her amazing pair of statement earrings.

The great thing about fashion jewelry is that you can get that exact pair of earrings without busting your budget on it. 

4. Cate Blanchett

You’ve seen her in so many great movies but you can never get enough of Cate Blanchett on the red carpet. She’s one face everybody looks out for on the red carpet.

She looks wonderful all the time. Everything she puts on just looks perfect on her. The photo below shows her wearing a statement necklace that doesn’t overshadow her gorgeous face. Instead, it adds an interesting contrast of color to her classic velvet gown.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images via Huffington Post

Who says you have to be dripping with diamonds to look truly fashionable? If you look closely, Cate Blanchett is not even wearing a pair of earrings. In spite of that, she still looks perfect.

5. Kim Kardashian

Even reality star, Kim Kardashian, fancies fashion jewelry. Sure, she wears really expensive fine jewelry. However, every now and then you will see her donning a black statement necklace in the photo below.

Photo courtesy of StyleBistro.com

There’s not a piece of fine jewelry on her. Instead, she chooses a layered choker to match her outfit. Now that’s what you call true style.

These are just a few fabulous and stylish women making a statement with fashion jewelry. Thanks to them, this certain kind of jewelry is definitely here to stay.

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