3 Fun Tips From A Stylist On How To Accessorize With Fashion Jewelry

3 Fun Tips From A Stylist On How To Accessorize With Fashion Jewelry

It’s fun to wear fashion jewelry. You can mix it up with so many other pieces. You can wear it with so many kinds of outfits.

The best part about it is that it’s very easy to own a lot of it. Considering the price points, you can afford to have a huge collection of fashion jewelry.

It’s a must to own a huge collection of fashion jewelry. That is one sure way for you to have fun with it.

What better way to have fun but to be fashionable as well, right? That’s one of the coolest things about wearing fashion jewelry. You can have fun with it. At the same time, look truly awesome in it.

Here’s one fashion expert who can show you how to have fun with fashion jewelry and still look fashionably outstanding. Lindsay Albanese is a renowned fashion stylist to the stars. She has styled celebrities and is a TV personality herself.

In this particular video, she shares a couple of tips on how you can have fun while accessorizing with fashion jewelry.

1. Cuff It Up

Every woman should own some awesome looking cuffs. You can never go wrong with cuffs, especially if you know how to wear them well. Here’s a good advice from Lindsay.

My first tip involves cuffs. We all know one cuff, easy enough. Oh! Cute cuff but I like to double cuff it when the outfit permits. So for me, I feel like when I have a simplistic streamlined outfit … it can always handle two cuffs. There’s just something about the stark impact of two cuffs that command such a presence and it’s so fashionable.

The most conventional way of wearing a cuff is pretty much on just one wrist. Who’d ever think you could wear a cuff on both wrists? According to Lindsay, you can. She recommends something that you should consider seriously when choosing fashion jewelry like cuffs.

I suggest, next time, buying two, why not? And I also like to go for the really streamlined clean cuffs… polished gold metal. So it’s really nice and clean and streamlined. Sometimes when outfits get really busy, I think that one cuff will do but when you’re wearing a simplistic outfit with clean lines, even a solid color, double cuff it, baby.

So don’t be afraid to double up your cuffs, most especially if you’re wearing a solid, classic outfit. Those cuffs will definitely give your outfit the added spark that will get you noticed instantly.

Silver Plated Mesh Net Cuff Bracelet

2. Reinvent Your Fashion Jewelry

Take a good look at some of your fashion jewelry, most especially the ones that you wear a lot. Have you ever thought of reinventing them just to give a new look? Well, you can. Lindsay shows you how to do it.

Another way I like to reinvent my jewelry is by using the backwards effect. I know that sounds kind of silly but I like to turn my jewelry around. Now sometimes … it doesn’t work but when you have pieces that are clean all the way around, you can get away with wearing them the opposite way they’re supposed to be worn.

You also try wearing your dainty cuffs backwards. Don’t be afraid to do just that.

For instance, I have these two little baby thin cuffs that I wear almost everyday … I just find they’re more interesting when I turn them around so that the open part shows and if I get sick of that, maybe I’ll turn one around, maybe I’ll turn both of them around but it’s something to think about next time you’re accessorizing. Turn your jewelry around. You may like it.

Yes, you can also do the same thing with rings. You can wear them backwards especially those rings that are unconventionally designed. You can definitely do a lot with costume jewelry.

Crowning Glory Bangle

3. Strike Up Your Look With A Statement Necklace

Thanks to fashion jewelry, you can own a lot of necklaces without spending a lot on it. There’s a good reason why you should really own a lot of necklaces. Take it from Lindsay.

We have our little dainty pieces that we wear all the time. But as far as when I’m getting dressed up or when want to put on a necklace, I’ve been drawn to choker style necklaces or necklaces that hit right here, kinda by your collarbone.

A fun way to accessorize and at the same time, stand out, is by wearing a statement necklace. You can never go wrong with a statement necklace, most especially if you feel very in confident in it.

There’s something so striking about wearing a choker necklace and I don’t really have any rules with this. I think if you have a high neck blouse, the choker works. Or if you have a low-neck blouse, it works as well. It’s just up to you to try them on with different pieces and see what you love most.

With all the fun things you can do with fashion jewelry, you should really ramp up your collection. With Lindsay’s fun tips, you can always look good in any kind of fashion jewelry. You’re sure to get that added spark with fashion jewelry. There’s just no way you can ever go wrong wearing it.

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