3 Famous Women Who Leveled Up Fashion Jewelry

3 Famous Women Who Leveled Up Fashion Jewelry

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Fashion jewelry will never be the same. Thanks to three famous and lovely women who wore it and rocked it.

The Woman Who Started It All

Have you ever wondered how fashion jewelry came about? Interestingly, this particular kind of jewelry has been around for about 300 years now. So it’s really not a craze. Women have been adorning themselves with fashion jewelry.

According to this website, fashion jewelry dates back to the early 18th century.  That was when jewelers started using glass to create replicas of fine jewelry.

At that time, fashion jewelry was merely an imitation of fine jewelry and it had no value to speak of. Sometime in the early 1900s, Paul Poiret, a French fashion designer, cleverly combined semi precious stones with silk materials.

However, it wasn’t exactly him who introduced fashion jewelry into mainstream fashion. He had initiated it but it was Coco Chanel who brought fashion jewelry into mainstream fashion.

Like Paul Poiret, Coco Chanel was also a French fashion designer. Unlike, Paul Poiret. Coco Chanel was able to leave behind a trail of classic designs that still live on to this day.

According to Lisa Chaney, an acclaimed biographer:

“There was no question, Chanel was one of the drivers of her age. She was one of the drivers of the 21st century. She was one of the makes of the 21st century… She changed women’s lives… Gabrielle Chanel had an enormous effect on the world and left it a very different place from when she came into it.”

Indeed, she did change women’s lives. According to this website, Coco Chanel revolutionized the fashion industry by creating trousers for women. She was also brave enough to strut a suntan in the age where fashionable women were pale and white.


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Coco Chanel created the little black dress. Her classic Chanel suit is still very much in demand these days.  These two classic outfits go perfectly well with the most iconic perfume of all time; her very own Chanel No.5.

Chanel No. 5 is truly a classic brand of perfume. Your grandma wore it. Your mom wears it. You probably wear it as well. Chanel No.5 just never goes out of style.

Coco Chanel accessorized her innovative and classic creations with the kind of jewelry every woman could afford, fashion jewelry.  Combining shimmering gemstones with fake pearls, she created a timeless fashion statement.

To this day, her iconic fashion statement still makes a lot of sense to every woman. She not only leveled up fashion jewelry, she created it. Yes, thanks to Coco Chanel, fake pearls have made it into mainstream fashion.

A strand of genuine pearls costs a lot of money. It’s pretty hard to quantify it on the spot because there are various kinds of pearls. There are fresh water pearls and cultured pearls. The former is a lot more affordable than the latter.

So putting together a strand of pearls, be it freshwater or cultured, could cost a lot. Thanks to Coco Chanel, it’s perfectly okay and acceptable to wear a long strand of fake pearls. That just proves that classic fashion jewelry can stand the test of time in the volatile world of fashion.

She Charmed The World With Faux Pearls

Another famous woman who wore fashion jewelry and rocked it is American royalty, Jacqueline Kennedy. She was not only a First Lady but she was also an icon of timeless elegance and style. She was truly awesome and was always picture perfect. To this day, her classic fashion sense lives on.

She wore both fine and fashion jewelry and totally raised the value of the latter. According to this particular website, her three-strand fake pearl necklace was sold for a whopping $211,500.

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Jackie Kennedy was very well known for sporting a three-strand pearl necklace. In one of her most famous photos, you will see her young son playfully tugging her three-strand pearls.  Soon after that photo came out, women copied her style and sported the same kind of pearl necklace.

Only after she passed on did the whole word learn about her most famous three-strand pearl necklace. Apparently, her three-strand pearl necklace was made out of simulated pearls.

However, that didn’t matter anymore because it was Jackie Kennedy wearing it anyway. This just proves that true elegance and style is priceless even if it’s simple piece of fashion jewelry.

The Princess Everyone Loves

She’s a real life princess and everybody loves her. Every piece of clothing she wears hits the fashion pages and every piece of jewelry she puts on gets worldwide attention.

Kate Middleton is amazing. She epitomizes true fashion and style. Her classic sense of style inspires every woman to purchase every piece of clothing she wears.

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There’s just no doubt that every woman strives hard to look like her. Her clothes and accessories are truly classic and therefore wearable. The question is, are they affordable? Maybe not.

So when she was photographed wearing fashion jewelry, the world stood still. First of all, you have royalty wearing fashion jewelry. Wow! Did you ever think that was possible?

Second of all, you have royalty rocking fashion jewelry. Kate Middleton looked stunning in her fake diamond and pearl earrings.

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Yes, Kate Middleton totally nailed it in a pair of fake pearl and zirconia earrings. She totally leveled up fashion jewelry that goes for an affordable price of £48.

Fashion jewelry has definitely gone a long, long way. It has evolved to be a staple fashion accessory. It’s definitely here to stay. Thanks to the famous and lovely women who bravely wore it and showed it off to the whole world.

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